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Post Game Media Hockey Talk Event

Photos by Dan Lancione

Well the Hockey Talk series invaded the USA for the first time at the beautiful Wilson Harbor on the shores of Lake Ontario. Hosted at the spectacular Sunset Bar and Grill, our guest of honor was Randy Burridge aided and abetted by his brothers Joel Burridge and Boo.

I've known Boo for 33 years and just found out his real name is Derek. Who knew? Randy regaled our audience with tales of his career from the Peterborough Petes to the Boston Bruins. Randy's success in hockey and beyond is a testament to the power of positive thinking and hard work. Along with talent.

Thanks to Bob Tindall the Boston Bruins chief scout who drafted Randy who drove down from Toronto to reminisce with his prize draft pick from 1985. And to Jeff Goodridge who prepared our video highlights. And Randy Schultz, Wilson's first citizen who has been seen at this establishment from time to time. And Sey Knox whose family used to sign Randy's paychecks. And Dale Mussen Buffalo's #1 radio DJ and 251st most influential person as ranked by the local business newspaper. And our Canadian contingent, Paul Patskou, Dan Lancione and Dan Nicholson. We need more Canadiens next time.

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