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Peter Puck - Road Hockey 2017

Peter Puck is Back!
Time to check in
Found our line
Peter Puck is a VIP
Hello to TSN Radio 1050
Thumbs up for Peter Puck
Waiting for their turn to play
Amazing Volunteers
Making sure everyone is safe
Sharp looking players
Thumbs up!
Peter Puck on Film
All ages want a picture
Teams love Peter Puck
Main Tent
Paul Alofs and Kevin Shea
Tom Fergus
Daryl Sittler
Phil Pritchard and Ray Scapinello
Mike Palmateer
Who wants Pizza Pizza!
Peter Puck loves table hockey
Got Milk?
Just Chillin'
Hanging out with Fans
Introducing Peter Puck to the kids
Best Buddies
Mascot Game
He Shoots!
Register for 2018!
Team Picture!
Mascot Game
Images © Brad Smith
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